Celebrating Teacher’s day in Nalang, Nepal

Sunday was Teacher’s day in Nepal and the day of Guru Poornuma. In Nepal it is a big day in schools, and students honour their teachers by offering garlands and special hats and delicacies and activities to show their appreciation of their teachers.🌅READ MORE

Olympic winner Santoshi Shrestha’s work for the trust

« Now, I am doing my Master’s Degree in Public Administration and also preparing for Master’s Degree in Public Health. I am also working as a sports program officer where I train and empower girls of Nalang, Dhading through sports.READ MORE

Another rural school receives our help in Nepal

Whilst The Nalang Model Academy is being totally transformed with the help of The Yearley Trust (we are all very impatient to see the final results!, another rural school in Nepal, the Wrenhardt English Medium Secondary School, is also taking advantage of the lockdown of the school to improve facilities for its 200 pupils, thanks to a personal donation from our Chairman John Yearley they are now repairing the building 🙏READ MORE

Medical care in Nepal during Covid – 19


Covid-19 has been causing major problems all over the world and in Nepal incidences of the virus and deaths are increasing rapidly. 

Thе real problems in Nalang and other rural communities is because of the virus and lockdown many people who should be receiving treatment in hospital are having to be treated in the community.READ MORE

School Renovations in Nalang Model Academy, Nepal

Everyone is in Nalang community is working very hard to make the NMA ready to welcome back their pupils as soon as it is safe for them. Many members of the community have been back for months and the whole area has been isolating together and keeping safe from the virusREAD MORE

Helping farmers during economy hardship and COVID-19

The coronavirus has been producing health and economic devastation throughout the world and in particular in third world countries. READ MORE

Our team continuous work in Nepal during lockdown

Whilst the lockdown in Nepal due to coronavirus has severely affected the Yearley Trust’s work it has not stopped it entirely.READ MORE

Volunteer as a teacher online to support the education in rural Nepal

The Yearley Trust’s Education Advisor Elisha KC brought our attention to the SEE exams in Nepal that have now been postponed until after the outbreak.READ MORE

The community staying strong during COVID-19 lockdown

In these trying times it is marvelous to see that the first of the glasses, donated by The Yearley Trust READ MORE