• Medical Campaigns – all rural Nepal (2020)

    Donation : £6,780.00/ £9,820.00

    Help us save lives, prevent deafness and  blindness through out rural areas by organizing 2 Medical camps a year from 2020 to 2022

  • School (NMA) Hostel

    Donation : £53,440.00/ £58,039.00

    The Yearley Trust has donated the money for the purchase of the land and the construction of a 56 bed hostel for the students from further villages and also for the volunteers.

  • School’s (NMA) Sports Grounds

    Donation : £8,000.00/ £49,300.00

    At present the pressing need is for collecting donations towards the creation of the Nalang Modern Academy sports grounds.You can help by donating on our website or write to us at info@theyearleytrust.org

  • Community Sustainability (Stage One)

    Donation : £4,400.00/ £10,000.00

    We work together with the local community in Nalang to improve the quality of life in the whole area. That includes-infrastructure; living and schooling conditions; water and power supply.

  • Full time Medical Care – Nalang

    Donation : £4,500.00/ £8,970.00

    Up until The Yearley Trust’s involvement the village of Nalang, and its community of 11,000 people, had very limited medical services and options to deal with medical emergencies.

  • Prevent Child Deaths

    Donation : £1,470.00/ £4,300.00

    Around 42% of children under the age of three in rural areas of Nepal suffer from stunted growth (53% in mountain areas). This in turn leads to greater susceptibility to various illnesses and diseases

  • Canopy roof

    Donation : £2,123.00/ £2,123.00

    The School (NMA) needs a protective canopy roof along the 93m length of the building to protect pupils from sun, wind the monsoon rains and also when moving between classrooms.

  • Students Hardship Fund

    Donation : £0.00/ £2,500.00

    The Trust is setting up a fund to support students in cases of hardship.We are looking into developing a long term support program for the best students to continue their education in other countries and appropriate universities.

Media and Sharing

Media and Sharing

Help us spread the word for the inspiring people in Nepal, who came together to help their community * If you are a journalist or a representative to any media, we would love to share with you our experience, photo& video documentary of Nalang, Nepal * You can also help us by sharing theyearleytrust.org and our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/theYearleyTrust/

Become Volunteer

Become Volunteer

There is nothing more satisfying than giving your time to helping people. We would like to welcome you to our team where together we can make a real difference

Send Donation

Send Donation

Your donation is important and can make all the difference to the lives of people in rural Nepal. Even the smallest donation might help to buy the medicine that saves a child’s life

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Become Volunteer

Nalang is a poor rural community in Nepal with approximately 90% of its population either illiterate or very poorly educated and with approximately 60% of the population living below the poverty line. The determination of the community to provide a better life, especially for their children, is to be especially admired and by volunteering you will be helping to support this aim and improve the quality of life. Help by teaching at The Nalang Academy, or helping the community rebuilt their life after the devastating earthquake in 2015. JOIN TODAY

Professional Volleyball Training in Nalang Model Academy, Nepal

12 August, 2019Posted In : Uncategorized

The Yearley Trust would like to thank the Netherlands Men’s Volleyball Team Manager READ MORE READ MORE

Managerial Accounting training for the students of Nalang Model Academy, Nepal

05 August, 2019Posted In : Uncategorized

When Rojina Silwal, the Yearley Trust’s Assistant Director in Nepal READ MORE READ MORE

New project started – multipurpose room and doctors office!First ever in Nalang!

29 July, 2019Posted In : Uncategorized

The plywood shuttering is in place, the aggregrate for the concrete unloaded, and Ram Silwal, Chairp READ MORE

  • Trust beneficiaries Read Below

    “The support for medical facilities that the Yearley Trust is planning to give to the community of Nalang will make a significant difference to the health of the community”


    Shankar Silwal (Paramedic and Public Health Educator)
  • Trust beneficiaries Read Below

    “Your such invaluable cooperation and support plays a great role in rural education promotion”


    Ram B Silwal (Chair Person Community School Management Committee)
  • Trust beneficiaries Read Below

    “The help that the Yearley Trust is giving to the Nalang Model Academy is making a big difference for all the pupils and especially for girl pupils”


    Rojina Silwal (Pupils representative Nalang Model Academy)
  • Trust beneficiaries Read Below

    “The new hostel and new toilets together with all the teaching equipment that is being donated by The Yearley Trust is making a very big difference to the school and we are looking forward to a long relationship between the school and the Trust”


    Balaram Silwal (Principle The Nalang Model Academy)