One more win for our Champion!

Congratulations to Santoshi Shrestha our Sports Program Officer, for her victory in the prestige Nepalgunj Half Marathon. 

This was her first proper half marathon and as she had missed a lot of training due to injury and had never run a proper half marathon before and did not know how fast to run, she just ran alongside last year’s winner, a veteran of 16 half marathons, until fairly near the finish she realised that she could have run much faster so she accelerated away and easily won the race in a new course record. 

As she was only 2 seconds outside the national record, which was set in the famous Berlin half marathon, we are confident that she will not only break the record in her next race but beat it by a very large margin.

Santoshi is being called “The Golden Girl of Nepali Athletics”. 

She is certainly our golden girl. Santoshi, we are very proud of you and are happy to support you in your athletic career and appreciate your work for the Trust in something dear to our hearts, empowering women and girls through sport.