Community Sustainability (Stage Two)

11 August, 2021 Nalang, Nepal, Causes rural Nepal(Nalang village)
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We work together with the local community in Nalang to improve the quality of life in the whole area. That includes-infrastructure; living and schooling conditions; water and power supply.

The long-term objective of the Trust is to make itself redundant in Nalang by helping the community to become economically strong enough to be in a position that it no longer needs its help. One of the first and most important steps is the provision of reservoir and irrigation facilities. This will enable subsistence farmers to, in some cases, double the amount of crops that they can grow and therefore have a significant surplus to sell, thus improving the overall economy of the community and giving them the money to pay for all the things the school and community needs themselves. It would also enable extra land to be brought under cultivation.

We also organised a series of courses on different aspects of Agriculture in 2021/22, using University expert lecturers, at the new Yearley Trust Centre of Excellence in Nalang and these will help local farmers to understand how best to maximise their crops and increase their income.

There are many ways you can support that cause. You can take part in the courses or the reservoir and irrigation facilities as a volunteer or give us any ideas of supporting the improvement of life in the rural areas. You can give a small amount towards any of the projects, remember every little can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

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For example your gift of £9 will cover the Lecturer and food costs for one person from Nalang to attend one of the specialist courses

Send us an email if you wish to discuss volunteer lecturing or engineering options: info@theyearleytrust.org


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Donation : £6,780.00/ £9,820.00

Help us save lives, prevent deafness and blindness throughout rural areas by organizing a series of  Welfare Clinics a year from 2020 to 2023

Donation : £470.00/ £2,700.00

In poor rural areas most people are subsistence farmers with little or no formal education. We are providing free trainings to improve families income.

Donation : £1,200.00/ £6,500.00

Free visits to schools in rural areas, providing a five-day courses for teachers on how to teach English to small children in a fun way using nature and play.