Centre of Excellence Free Trainings 2023

17 November, 2022 Causes One, Causes rural Nepal(Nalang village)
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In poor rural areas most people are subsistence farmers with little or no formal education. We are providing free trainings to improve families income.

Their income depends upon the success of their crops, so the Trust has set up a Centre of Excellence, based at Nalang, to run free five-day practical residential courses particularly aimed at helping people to improve their farming techniques and income. Subjects have included such subjects as Best Use of Fertilisers, Plant Grafting etc using expert lecturers in the relevant subjects. The Trust pays all food, accommodation and lecturers fees.

The number be people able to attend a course depends on donations.

!£85 will cover all the costs for a five-day course for one farmer.


Give now

Give now. Your gift will make an immediate difference to the quality of  life in the families in rural Nepal. Every penny counts and 100% of your donation goes to help improve someone’s life




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Donation : £6,540.00/ £15,670.00

In a country where in poor areas if there is any money for paying school fees what money is available tends to be spent on the boys help with girls’ education is an important part of empowering girls.

Donation : £1,200.00/ £6,500.00

Free visits to schools in rural areas, providing a five-day courses for teachers on how to teach English to small children in a fun way using nature and play.

Donation : £240.00/ £4,200.00

As part of our commitment to Women’s Empowerment we have created a Woman’s Cooperative at Nalang. By enabling women to earn their own money we give them some power over family and their own finances.