English Teaching Ambassadors

Free teachers trainings round schools in Rural Nepal

During 2021/22 The Yearley Trust’s English Teaching Ambassadors Pooja Silwal and Manita Silwal carried out a FREE program of training teachers in various rural schools. The program teaches them on how to teach English using the Ical Education System. Each course lasts 5 days and teachers on the course were given a comprehensive training pack (and a much-prized Certificate of Training). All pupils are getting  two work copy books, a pencil, an eraser and a sharpener from the trust.


The courses have proved to be extremely popular and there already is a long waiting list of schools wanting training in 2023.

Promoting the program in England

Towards the end of 2022 one of the Trust’s English Teaching Ambassadors, Pooja Silwal visited England and carried out visits to a large number of English schools to both promote the work of the Trust’s Ical program and to also raise awareness about life, and poverty, and the need for women’s empowerment, and the Trust’s work in alleviating these problems.


The Trust is very happy with the enthusiastic support that it has received from English schools for its work in Nepal.

We are looking forward to the continuation of our very successful program in 2023 and in continuing to improve the teaching of English in schools in Nepal. 

If you are interested in more information and sponsoring the training program, kindly get intrench info@theyearleytrust.org