FREE English Teaching Training

Big news for all teachers  in Nepal!

We have just finished the first 5 days of the English Teaching Training, which we are doing in partnership with Ical Al– International Center for Accelerative Learning.

ICAL is a based in USA organisation who has trained in 32 countries and impacted 1.5 million students, teachers, and trainers over 40+ years. 

They have developed a unique Humanistic program, especially for the teachers and students in Nepal, that will ignite the imagination, curiosity, creativity, confidence, cooperation and collaboration of our children and young care givers


The program’s professors from USA, have just finished a 2 years online training with our English Teaching Ambassadors – Pooja Silwal and Manita Silwal who are now fully qualified to provide the training in Nepal. 

“We want to help as many schools as we can in making their English studies better and more fun and acceptable for all students and teachers.” John Yearley founder of the Trust.

You can see from the pictures and videos the 5 trainee teachers from Shree Trikuteshwori Basic School in  Dhunibesi-3,

Dhading had lots of fun and improved their teaching immensely. The school has 150 students who will now benefit from the improved english skills of their teachers. The mayor and the whole community expressed a special gratitude to our english teaching ambassodors.

 On the last day The Yearley Trust distributed a donation of school materials for all the 150 students in the school ( some more videos and pictures in the comments)

The English Teaching training can be in  your schools and village!! For more information and booking your dates contact us on: . 

This 5-day workshop will be conducted by our certified English Ambassadors Pooja and Manita  who were Trained by master trainers Dr Libyan Labiosa, Mr Philip Cassone and Ms Carole Al-Kahouaji from the USA.

The program focuses on teaching using natural surroundings and resources outside with props such as : leaves, trees, twigs, rocks, pebbles birds, clouds the magnificence of nature  around you. 

Note: We will provide the program for FREE for your teachers and will bring any materials needed for it. All we need from you is to Wellcome our two certified teachers with accommodation and provide food over the 5 days training for them and lots of enthusiasm to learn!

Note for schools in Europe, England and America You can also help with very little by providing funds and support the educational materials; The more schools we visit, the faster we can reach our goals!