Full time Medical Care – Nalang

15 July, 2021 Nalang, Nepal, Causes rural Nepal(Nalang village)
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Up until The Yearley Trust’s involvement the village of Nalang, and its community of 11,000 people, had very limited medical services and options to deal with medical emergencies.

The community had no doctor until we officially appointed Shankar Silwal as our local Medical Director and it is at least 5 1/2 hours walk for most people to the nearest hospital (and during the monsoon the tracks can become impassable). There is no free ambulance service and the cost of an ambulance is prohibitive for most of the population representing, maybe, several month’s income.

The Yearley Trust, with help with donations from Australia and New Zealand, has donated a small equipped Medical Centre to the village and is paying the salary of a qualified medical person to provide the medical support and the 56-bed hostel that the Trust has donated to the Nalang Model Academy school will provide overnight accommodation for patients where necessary.

During the Covid-19 crisis, and prior to the very strict lockdown in Nepal, many people returned to be with their families. This has put extra pressure on our Medical Director and the Medical Centre has been overstretched caring for the increased numbers in the community, including having to treat people who otherwise would have been in hospital.

The Trust is appealing for funds to support the day to day supply of medicines and running costs of the Medical Centre and for an emergency fund to cover ambulance costs etc. for patients who cannot otherwise afford to pay.

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  • Your gift of £3 a month will enable us to provide long term medical support for an elderly frail member of the community
  • your gift of £5 a month will cover the costs of medicines for 3 diabetic patients 
  • A gift of £60 will cover the cost of an emergency ambulance

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