at Nalang, Dhading District, Nepal

There’s a growing body of research that links physical activity to improvements in educational achievement. That’s because sport helps children develop character and to learn important social and brain skills such as problem-solving, resilience, perseverance, confidence and teamwork.

The Yearley Trust believes that by promoting sport we are also enhancing education. Also, by promoting sport for women and girls we are helping with our program of women’s empowerment. Sport is also becoming a possible lucrative form of employment for talented individuals so is a potential career path for them.

Our Sports Development Officers Santoshi Shrestha (athletics) and Kopila Upreti (Volleyball) are sporting legends in Nepal and use every opportunity to use their fame to educate women and girls in their rights and to promote equality.

To promote the development of sport the Trust as donated the land for John Yearley Park. In creating the Nalang Olympian Games the trust will also be promoting sport across a very wide range of rural communities.

The Trust has also set up The Yearley Trust Centre of Excellence to provide free residential short courses that are particularly aimed at improving the practical knowledge for members of rural communities.