Step 1

Are you a student in your Gap Year or you are looking to Give your time to one of our Causes and Nepal

Read more about rural areas in Nepal and Nalang in particular and the work of The Yearley trust in the ‘About’ page on our website

Step 2

Get in touch with Us

Share your ideas on how you can help our causes either by volunteering to help in Nalang, organizing fund raising campaigns or offering professional advice.

Step 3

Sign in for one of our volunteering programmes

Once you have been in touch with us our Volunteers Coordinator will get back to you to help decide on the best way that you can help and best time for your visit

Step 4

Book your trip and help change lives

There is nothing more satisfying than giving your time to helping people. We would like to welcome you to our team where together we can make a real difference



If you are interested in Volunteering in Nepal, the full information is here