School (NMA) Hostel

16 November, 2018 Nalang, Nepal, Causes rural Nepal(Nalang village)
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In February 2019 our Chairman John Yearley opened at The Nalang Model Academy a 56 bed hostel with adjacent shower/toilet block that had been donated by The Trust.

Many pupils have up to 3 hours walk across mountain tracks just to get to school.  During the monsoon season these tracks can become impassable, so children were not able to get to school. Now with the hostel they have somewhere to stay during the rains so don’t miss their education.

More recently the school was approached by a few very poor families who lived around 8 hours walk away from the school and whose children were not getting any form of proper education. The school agreed to provide their 21 children full time accommodation at the hostel during term time so that they could get a good education. 

Even though the hostel is already up and running, the sleeping arrangements at the hostel are basic and not suitable for long term stays so we need YOUR help to provide good quality sleeping arrangements, because no child can study well without a good night’s sleep.

    • Your gift of £40 will buy a hospital quality mattress,
    • a gift of £12 bedsheets and pillows with pillowcases,
    • and your gift of £8 will provide a child with a blanket
    • if you are feeling generous, a gift of £62 will provide a full set of bedding!

Give now

Give now. Your gift will make an immediate difference to the quality of a child’s life and make them very happy. Every penny counts and 100% of your donation goes to help improve someone’s life

The Trust has also donated a small medical centre to the community and the hostel provides overnight accommodation for those patients who need it. Your gift will help to ensure that the patients have somewhere comfortable to sleep.

    • Your gift of only £100 would enable us to make one room especially comfortable and suitable for the medical centre’s patients.

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