Wemen’s Cooperative

A part of our work for Women Empowerment

An important factor in Women’s Empowerment is for women to have their own source of income. In 2022 the Trust, with the enthusiastic support of the women of Nalang, formed the Nalang Women’s Cooperative (JOON/DIYO).

The objective is providing sources of income for women; having equal position in the family as men; support the education of their children . The Cooperative will hand make products for sale in Europe and the USA using local techniques and materials. A program of training members of the cooperative in the necessary skills will start in 2023.

The Trust decided towards the end of 2022 to set up a sister charity in France ( Yearley Trust Nepal) to assist in the program of the Cooperative. Under the direction of Doriana Dimitrova – Warren, who will be the women’s voice in Europe and has already recruiting its first volunteers to help with the setting up. More volunteers are needed and any ideas, partnerships are very welcome.

Kindly contact Doriana, if you want to take part in creating a better future for the brave women in Nepal: doriana@theyearleytrust.org