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17 October, 2022 Nepal, Causes One, Causes rural Nepal(Nalang village)
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Free visits to schools in rural areas, providing a five-day courses for teachers on how to teach English to small children in a fun way using nature and play.

English is an essential language in Nepal. Indeed, it forms part of the national year 10 school leaving exams and entry exam for university. There is also very little information on the internet in Nepali or any of the other regional languages of Nepal.

In poor rural areas the standard of teaching English is very poor with teachers having had not formal training

The Trust’s English Teaching Ambassadors visit schools in poor rural areas and run five-day courses for teachers on how to teach English to small children in a fun way using nature and play. They teach using a system specially developed for Nepal by The Centre of Accelerative Learning (Ical) based on their system which has proved so successful in helping over 32,000,000 children learn English in developing countries.

As teachers and pupils in these schools are very poor the Trust donates a training pack of all essential materials to all the teachers on the course and two work copy books, a pencil, eraser, and pencil sharpener to every pupil in the school.

The courses are proving very popular and there is a long waiting list of schools wanting the training. 

There is no charge to the school and the Trust pays all our Teaching Ambassadors salaries and expenses, but we need help to cover the cost of the Teachers packs and the books etc for the pupils.

  • £30 covers the cost of a Teachers Resources Pack (£180 for an average school) and
  • approximately £1,20 pays for the materials for one pupil (£265 for an average school)

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For more information or to receive the profile of our keen students and their aspirations kindly contact info@theyearleytrust.org



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