John Yearley Park

It has long been a dream of the Community of Nalang to have their own sports ground and also a local agricultural market. However, there is no flat land large enough for a sports ground. Trust chairman John Yearley also shared that dream and at the end of 2021 he donated the money to buy several adjacent areas of terraced land near to the Nalang Model Academy and he personally inaugurated the area which is called “John Yearley Park” in April 2022. The massive work in levelling an area where the highest point is equivalent to a 13 story building is leaving a level sports ground which can be used for a full size football pitch, cricket field, or 200m running track and of course many volleyball courts.

The first sports events will take place in front of John Yearley on February 23rd 2023 to celebrate his 80th birthday.

John was keen to improve the local economy, so he also donated land for a local agricultural market and to improve safety, extra land for a small basic driving school.

John Yearley Park will be the base for the annual Nalang Olympian Games.