Code Of Conduct

CODE OF CONDUCT, The Yearley Trust

I agree that I will

1. Uphold the integrity and reputation of The Yearley Trust by ensuring that my professional and personal conduct is demonstrably consistent with The Yearley Trust’s values and standards. 

I will seek to maintain and enhance public confidence in The Yearley Trust by being accountable for the professional and personal actions I take and ensuring that I manage the power that comes with my The Yearley Trust position with appropriate restraint. 

Whilst observing the requirements of the Code of Conduct, I will also be sensitive to, and respectful of, local customs and culture, even if the norms and values in that cultural context differ from the Code of Conduct. I will if necessary, seek (and will receive) support and advice from The Yearley Trust. 

I will not work under the influence of alcohol or use, or be in possession of, illegal substances on The Yearley Trust premises, vehicles or accommodation. 

2. Treat all people with respect and dignity and challenge any form of harassment, discrimination, intimidation, exploitation or abuse 

The Yearley Trust staff hold a privileged position of power and trust in relation to our partners and the communities that we come from and serve. When carrying out The Yearley Trust’s mission I understand that it is important not to abuse my own position of power/unequal power relationships in any way. 

Recognising my role in The Yearley Trust’s mission to challenge injustice and poverty, I will respect all peoples’ rights, including children’s rights, and I will contribute to a working environment characterised by mutual respect, integrity, dignity and non-discrimination. 

I will ensure that my relationships and behaviour are not exploitative, abusive or corrupt in any way, and I will not engage in any form of sexual abuse or exploitation of any persons of any age. 

In line with international standards I will not have sexual relations with children (defined as under 18 years old) or with beneficiaries (in exchange for assistance or any other reason) recognising the inherent unequal power dynamics involved, and that such behaviours can undermine the integrity and credibility of The Yearley Trust’s work;   

I will also not exchange money, offers of employment, employment, goods or services for sex or sexual favours, nor any other forms of humiliating, degrading or exploitative behaviour, understanding that these standards exist to challenge sexually exploitative and abusive behaviour. 

I will use my best endeavours to report any such behaviours or malpractice in the workplace by others to The Trustees and the Chairman of the Trust in particular

3. Perform my duties and conduct my private life in a manner that avoids possible conflicts of interest with the work of The Yearley Trust. 

I will declare any financial, personal, family (or close intimate relationship) interest in matters of official business which may impact on the work of The Yearley Trust (e.g. contract for goods/services, employment or promotion within The Yearley Trust, partner organisations, beneficiary groups). 

I will advise The Yearley Trust of any intention to seek a nomination as a prospective candidate or another official role for any political party or public office to clarify whether any conflict, or perceived conflicts, with my duties with The Yearley Trust may arise. 

Even when the giving and acceptance of gifts is normal cultural practice, I will reject monetary gifts or inappropriate gifts from governments, beneficiaries, donors, suppliers and other persons, which have been offered to me as a result of my employment with The Yearley Trust. Where the giving and acceptance of gifts is normal cultural practice, I will ensure that such gifts are within the limits of reasonable judgements and in accordance with procurement policies and I will report gifts to the line management and where appropriate hand them onto The Yearley Trust. 

I will assure that assistance by The Yearley Trust is not provided in return of any service or favour from others. 

I will act against any form of corruption and not offer, promise, give or accept any bribes. 

4. Be responsible for the use of information, equipment, money and resources to which I have access by reason of my employment with The Yearley Trust. 

I will use my discretion when handling sensitive or confidential information. 

I will seek authorization before communicating externally in The Yearley Trust’s name and will avoid any unintended detrimental repercussions for me or The Yearley Trust. 

I will appropriately account for all The Yearley Trust money and property, (e.g. vehicles, office equipment, The Yearley Trust-provided accommodation, computers including the use of internet, email and intranet) and will not exceed agreed budgets without formal permission from the Chairman of the Trust

I accept personable responsibility for any expenditure in excess of budgets provided by the Trustees and for any expenditure outside budgets that has not been approved in advance by the Chairman of the Trust. 

5. Protect the health, safety, security and welfare of all The Yearley Trust employees, volunteers and contractors. 

I will undertake and act on appropriate risk assessments. 

I will comply with local security management guidelines and be pro-active in informing management of any necessary changes to such guidelines. 

I will behave in such a way as to avoid any unnecessary risk to the safety, health and welfare of myself and others, including partner organisations and beneficiaries. 

6. Promote human rights, protect the environment and oppose criminal or unethical activities. 

I will ensure that my conduct is consistent with the human rights framework to which The Yearley Trust subscribes. 

I will use my best endeavours to protect the natural environment and work in a sustainable way. 

I will contribute to preventing all forms of criminal or unethical activities. 

I will notify The Yearley Trust if I face any criminal charges during my employment that may impede my ability to perform the duties of my position subject to national legislation.