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Why you should volunteer in nepal

Thank you for considering volunteering to help the local community at Nalang in rural Nepal and the school in particular. We hope that this Information Sheet gives you some basic information to help you make up your mind.

! Gap Year students will find the experience particularly interesting and also a great addition to their CV

NOTE: Volunteers should understand that it is an unpaid position, however all volunteers will be provided with a bed in the hostel, as well as food daily. 

The hostel at the Nalang Model Academy has magnificent views across to the Himalayas and the eighth highest mountain in the world Mount Manaslu in particular. 


Nalang is a poor rural community in Nepal with approximately 90% of its population either illiterate or very poorly educated and with approximately 60% of the population living below the poverty line. The determination of the community to provide a better life, especially for their children, is to be especially admired and by volunteering you will be helping to support this aim and improve the quality of life. 



At the school you can help in many ways. 

Experienced teachers are always especially welcome (the school tries to run on English lines and English is spoken in all classrooms) both as teachers and also to impart their skills to local teachers but anyone with even basic skills can help. For instance, maybe even your basic IT skills can be helpful in teaching these skills to a community with very limited skills. Older pupil volunteers could assist teaching younger children at the school in their specialist subjects. Maybe just by interacting with the pupils you can help to improve their English. 

The school is very keen to promote sport as a way of interesting the pupils (see “Nalang and the School” Information Sheet) so coaching or just helping to improve sporting skills would be very much appreciated. So any volunteer with sporting interest at any level would be very welcome.

Most important, by just being there you will show that all their efforts are appreciated and maybe you can spread the message of what the community is doing to improve their lives when back in the UK 


A considerable percentage of the population are subsistence farmers. There is land available to increase the amount of crops produced but at present the lack of irrigation is holding this back (See “Nalang and the School”) so help with clearing land for planting and in helping with their plans to improve irrigation would have a significant effect on the prosperity and well-being of the community as a whole. 

If you are there at the right time of the year you could even, if you wish, help with the rice planting etc 

There are paths and dirt roads that need maintaining, buildings that were damaged but not destroyed in the massive earthquake of 2015 to be repaired and hundreds of other small jobs to help improve life in this rural community. 

Since 2020 we have developed the Yearley Trust Centre of Excellence where we will hold a big variety of trainings for free to support the rural communities. From teaching of languages, through special education teachers’ trainings, to specialized agricultural and medical trainings. You can join as a professor there and Give your time to the strong people of Nepal! From 2021 You can even hold online training! For more information and participation you can contact info@theyearleytrust.org



Firstly, a very warm welcome from a remarkably friendly people. You will be made to feel welcome wherever you are. Volunteers who started visiting in 2022 were so impressed and are planning their next visit.

Accommodation is provided at the newly built John Yearley Hostel donated by The Yearley Trust (300m from the school and owned and managed by the school). Whilst high quality by local standards don’t expect standards to be the same as in the UK. It is however comfortable and has outstanding views and staying there makes you really feel part of the community

An experience that you will treasure and remember for the rest of your life and also the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped to improve the lives of others 


In spite of the relative poverty of the community, it, and the school, are keen to provide the accommodation and meals at the hostel free of charge. The Yearley Trust suggests that you might like to make a voluntary donation to the school of at least 800 NPR (£5.50) per person per day as this would be a considerable help to the school in purchasing much needed equipment and improving their facilities. This is however entirely voluntary. The biggest contribution that you can make is by just being there and helping. 

You will need a visa to enter Nepal. This can be purchased on arrival at the airport. Costs vary from £25 for a 15 day visa, £40 for a 30 day visa and £100 for a 90 day visa (prices at current exchange rates). Further details will be included in the “Volunteers Information Sheet” sent to all volunteers when they have decided to volunteer. 

You will need to pay for transport to Nalang and of course the cost of your flight.
The cost of the bus from Kathmandu to Nalang is approximately 300NPR (£2.15) each way. The cost of an eight-seater Mini-Bus with driver is approximately 9,000NPR (£64) each way. However often the school can arrange to meet you at the airport and provide free transport for you.


Even if you are not going to Nalang (and even if you do) any fundraising for facilities and equipment would be very much appreciated by the school. For information of any special needs that you could fundraise for please contact the Trust on info@theyearleytrust.org for latest ideas.


Stay in Kathmandu 

Extend your visit by Staying in Kathmandu for sightseeing this can be arranged for you by the school. 

Expect to pay at least 1,400NPR (£10.00) per night for good hostel accommodation to around 5,000NPR (£35) per night for a mid-range hotel. and between 250NPR to 500NPR a day for a meal in local restaurants or 600NPR (Combo Meal) in McDonalds 


The Trust’s approved travel agents Nepal Trekking at NMA, Nalang  can arrange a Trekking extension to your stay in the foothills of the Himalayas. If you are interested the agent would be happy to make suggestions, with costs, for you. 

Nature Trails 

Local nature walks (approximately 4 hours) can be arranged for parties of up to 12 people for a suggested donation to the school of 4,000NPR (£25) for the whole party. The tour will be conducted by a local member of the school staff. 

Chitwan National Park

The famous Chitwan National Park is only a short distance away. The Park is the home to the one horn rhino (the rarest of all the rhinos – only 650 in the wild), wild tigers, elephants, leopards and over 60 other mammals. Enjoy a safari to see these and also enjoy the stunning scenery or maybe you would prefer to go white water rafting in the park or indulge in a wide range of other activities.


Buddha was born in Nepal. Visits can be arranged to his birthplace for anyone who is interested (it is a two day round trip)


The country is predominately Hindu and various colourful festivals take place throughout the year which volunteers can join in. Kathmandu has a particularly important  Hindu temple to which holy men from as far away as New Delhi in India come.

For Teachers 

If you are taking a party of pupils to volunteer and also like for them to formally learn more about Nepal the school will be happy make facilities available for you free of charge and where possible provide local teachers to help. 

* This Information Sheet has been prepared for The Nalang Model Academy school 

by The Yearley Trust (registered charity no 1136219)