Happy 79th Birthday John Yearley

Today the whole Nalang community and NMA are celebrating their patrons John Yearley79th birthday !

The days started early with a morning climb to a very special temple Siddhababa , Siddhalek Hill. 

Siddhababa Temple is located in between Nalang and Salang and altitude is about 1900 masl, which is historical and all the set up is from nature and has ancient history. Siddhababa is a temple of Shiva belongs Shaivism. The temple is on the top of hills had have 360 degree views od mountains (Manaslu 8167 masl- world 8th highest peak) Mountain Ganesh, Langtang range, Annapurna range, many hills, valley and rivers.

The place is full of biodiversities of flora and fauna. National flowers Rhododendron, bird Spinny Bablar, wild lives Dear, Leopards and so on are seen.

Near the Top of Temple, there is big cave and people can see the statues of God Shiva and many others. We can feel offering water and milk inside the cave which is from top of the Temple.

In Hinduism, Saktism, Baishism and Shaivism are major religious believers.

There is different steps and trails to reach there on foot.

John Yearley visited the temple on his 79th Birth day on 23rd Feb 2022. 

John has been offered POOJA and blessing to his colleagues and juniors.

He was also offered Rhododebdrone and flowers with Tika by his team.

By the time the we were back at the Yearley village everyone was already cooking for the first meal which John wanted to share with all the students from NMA. 

The already very emotional day continued with a program specially created for the birthday celebration with lots of performances, singing and more than 200!!! Presents specially made with so much love and appreciation from the students 


John was officially given the name ´Joon’ which in Nepali means MOON and Doriana ´Dio’ meaning LIGHT

A very specially names we will guard forever and wear with utmost honor 

Another special moment of the day that John wanted to share with everyone who helped build Johns house was to welcome all for a special dinner and a drink ofcourse 

 (he is still English, even though he is now caring Nepal in his heart and calls Nalang his family ) 

Cheers John we hope you had a wonderful day !