Women’s cooperative to make craft products for Europe and the USA

We have been holding on some very exciting news around International Women’s Day and the mothers month of March !

First of all here are some pictures from the organised two day trip specially for the women some of whom experienced traveling for the first time in their life to see various places and stayed overnight near the temple. 

At their special request John Yearley was declared to be an “honorary woman” and accompanied them on the trip. There was a lot of joyous singing on the coach throughout the trip and the women’s dancing outside the Temple attracted a small crowd.

Our big March news are that John and Doriana Diyo Dimitrova are able to help the women set up a women’s cooperative to make and sell craft products not just in Nepal but in Europe and the USA. 

The Trust has always promoted equality for women and an important stage for this is women being able to earn their own money. We hope to develop the co-operative to the point where it makes a real difference to the economy of the community. At the moment it is at the stage of the women receiving the training necessary to make very high quality products.

The women already had an enthusiasm for knitting and were very grateful for the large amount of wool brought out for them which had been denoted by Combard Magali and Gaby Combard started knitting frantically as soon as they received it 

We are just in the beginning stage of making that project reality, but couldn’t wait to share with you and see if anyone can help with ideas or any way they can for the empowerment of these amazing women 

John and Dori were also especially happy to be able to celebrate their respective birthdays with all their friends in Nalang including all the pupils of the NMA It is fair to say the a great time was had by all.