New floor donated

Once again new developments, great news and good views 

One of the first things we did when we started helping the Nalang Model Academy at the end of 2018 was to encourage the school to extend the range of education they were providing to include years 11 and 12. 

Previously only a very few pupils who could afford to go and live in Kathmandu were able to continue their education beyond year 10.

Our encouragement was enthusiastically received and to assist we recently donated an additional 12 computers. 

Over the last two years the range of subjects taught at this higher level has greatly expanded to the point of putting pressure on the school’s facilities. 

We are therefore very happy to finance the provision of a third floor above the second floor we donated a couple of year ago. The Yearley Trust are paying for all the building materials and technicians fees etc with the people of the community of Nalang undertaking the physical work. 

Work has already started and will soon (monsoon rains permitting) be completed.

Already the school is in the Unique position of being able to provide education to a child from kindergarten to year 12, and the first pupils have gone through the whole cycle and are now studying at university.

Looks like the future successful students will also have some amazing views over the mountains