Partnership NMA with New College School in Oxford

The Yearley Trust is very proud and happy to announce it has organised a partnership between The Nalang Model Academy in Nepal and New College School in Oxford, England.

We have been looking forward to it for a while now and are very excited that now both schools are officially affiliated to exchange knowledge, culture and know how between each other.
As part of the arrangements classes from each school will talk to each other over zoom to learn more about the cultures in their respective countries and to undertake some joint projects.
Also, it is expected that the link up will also help with teacher training at the NMA John Yearley, Chairman of the Trust, said he was very happy that pupils from a school founded in 2009 in a rural area in one of the poorest counties in the world and those from a school founded 630 years earlier in 1379, in a leading university city in England will be talking to each other.
He is confident that this would lead to a better understanding by pupils of the cultures in each other’s countries and benefit pupils from both schools.
He also thanked Isobel Rose the teacher at New College School with whom he has been negotiating the link up. Isobel is equally enthusiastic about the partnership. You can read more about New College School on
And the Yearley Trust work with Nalang Model Academy in Nepal

p.s There is a newly built Cricket  net in Nalang also, so how about a competition one day when the friendships blossom