Positive news in Nalang

It is great to see the first use of Interlocking Stabilised Soil Blocks that were made using the machinery donated by The Yearley Trust.

Appropriately they are being used to construct a small house for a poor widow in Nalang.
It will be the first of many houses being built to replace houses that were badly damaged in the earthquake of 2015.
Members of the community are providing their labour free of charge to help the widow. It is this spirt that encourages the Trust to do all it can to improve things for the people of Nalang.
The blocks, which are stronger than bricks and have better thermal insulation are also much more environmentally friendly as they don’t require any heat, unlike conventional bricks.
The Trust is proud and happy to be helping the community to rebuild houses that are still damaged by the terrible earthquake of 2015.
At long last they can now afford to rebuild their damaged houses.
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