Free residential courses!Now OFFICIALLY OPENED

The Yearley Trust is proud to announce that it’s Centre of Excellence, based at Nalang, is now open and has run its first course.

The first course, run by three experts, was on grafting techniques for plants, a new skill to all  47 participants attending the 3 night course. All costs including food and accommodation as well as the fees for the 3 instructors, were paid by the Trust and it was good to see people attending from several different communities.

Now all those who attended the course will be able to use their new skills to improve the quality and yields of crops. Everyone who attended found it very useful and now have learned new valuable skills 

This was the first of many free residential courses that will be of benefit to people in rural communities.

We want to take this chance to remind you that we have already a 56 bed hostel fully equipped for volunteers ! Soon when the world open it’s borders again You can give your time and knowledge to the amazing people from Nepal by volunteering (we could also hold online trainings, kindly be in touch 

The Centre of Excellence is setting up its own Facebook page to provide details of all future courses in both English and Nepali. The courses are open to anyone from rural communities!

For now you can follow us here and check our website…/