Honour of the memory of the great Ram Bahadur Silwal

The Yearley Trust announces the formation of the Ram Bahadur Silwal scholarship.  

The scholarship will be awarded to help young women, who otherwise could not afford it, to undertake further education in subjects which in the opinion of the Trust will be of benefit to the people of the community of Nalang. 

The scholarship is in honour of the memory of the great Ram Bahadur Silwal who was an inspiration to all that knew him and who passionately believed in Women’s rights and education for girls, so it is appropriate that the Trustees have decided that the first scholarship will be awarded to Ram’s daughter Sujita to assist with her ambition to train as a medical technician and to fulfil Ram’s dying wish. 

Winners of the scholarship will be from people nominated by either the Trustees of the Trust or by Trust employees and are not open to individual applications.

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