Volleyball Training despite hardship

The Yearley Trust’s Sports Program Officer, volleyball legend Kopila Uprety, has taken advantage of breaks in Lockdown to provide, in conjunction with Volleyball4Life volleyball coaching to girls and to use her sessions to further the Trust’s and Volleyball4Life’s objectives of empowering girls through sport. 

Kopila herself has taken a Covid test to make sure that she is safe to teach the children and is taking all recommended safety precautions. Each coaching course lasts between five and seven days.

The Yearley Trust is very happy to be working with Volleyball4life in encouraging girls to understand their rights and the importance of equality and in Kopila we have the perfect person to do that. Her work is an important part of our program in promoting women and girls’ empowerment and their rights. As soon as Covid conditions allow Kopila will be doing a lot more volleyball coaching and, as you can see, all the children are really loving it. It is great to see so many happy children. 

Both we, and Volleyball4life, hope to expand the coaching/empowerment program as soon as it is safe to do so. Meanwhile can we encourage everyone to take care and stay safe.

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