The Yearley Trust Centre of Excellence OPENING

The Yearley Trust is very proud to announce the setting up of The Yearley Trust Centre of Excellence. 

Based at Nalang the Centre will provide short term residential courses open to anyone from rural Nepal. All courses will be provided free of charge with the Trust covering tuition, accommodation and food prices.

Trust Chairman, John Yearley, said “We want to help as many people in Nepal as possible and we decided that we could help more people by bringing them to us, rather than us travelling to them. We appreciate that many of the people we want to help may have not completed their formal education so, wherever practical, courses will be designed with this in mind and will be practical rather than academic based”

Courses will be run in the large lecture room donated by the Trust and accommodation in the hostel facilities also donated by the Trust in memory of the Chairman’s late wife Christine. Catering will be provided by people from Nalang.

Fellow Trustee Doriana Dimitrova is also pleased that two women,@Rojina Silwal (Principle) and Sujana Silwal (Course Coordinator) have been appointed to be in overall charge.  She said “We are fully committed to women’s empowerment and equality, so it is great to see that the two top posts are filled by two exceptional young women who are both dedicated to helping to improve the lives of people in rural Nepal”

Because of Covid the planned formal opening has been postponed until the start of the Nepali new year (April) but that gives more time to plan courses etc and the Trust would welcome suggestions for any short (2-3 day) courses that people would consider might be helpful to improve the quality of life for the people of rural Nepal. Please either message us on this page or by email to with any ideas that you may have.

The Trust would like to thank the people of Nalang for their hard work and help in preparing the Centre and also those members of the community who will be allowing us to use their land for the practical agricultural courses.

Follow the newly developed page on own website to get information on the courses and dates…/

Kindly get intouch with us on if you want to volunteer as a lecturer (there will be online courses options,so you can volunteer from all over the world