Celebrating Teej

Teej is a women’s festival and takes place on August 21st  and most women return to their maternal home to celebrate it.  They have a meal of Dar at Midnight on the 20th. Dar is a mixture of rice and ghee and is eaten with vegetables and dairy products and then they fast for the whole day on the 21st and also visit a temple dedicated to the God Shiva and worship for the wellbeing and happiness of the family.

They sing a special song called the Teej song in which women express their sorrow, grief, and suffering. After taking food and resting the next day and the day after they again worship by making holy things. Women bite a plant called Pickly Chaff whilst chanting religious mantras and songs in the hope that this will free them from any impiety if they pray during the Teej festival and they hope that it will relieve them from impiety during menstruation.

They also use the leaf of a sacred fig tree for performing religious and ritual activities

All sisters return to their maternal home in a kind of family reunion and gathering where they also try to have delicious and rich food.

The festival is a way of making women freer and more relaxed and an opportunity for sharing views etc and also to express their rights

The Yearley Trust is very happy to have sponsored a special lunch during the Teej festival by paying for food and of course we are very proud that we very much sponsor and promote women’s empowerment.