Covid 19 update for our students


Many children have missed out on a considerable part of their education due to Covid-19 and its lockdown and this had also caused mental stress and psychological issues for many of them. Particularly for those who have been waiting several months to take their Year 12 Exams. 

There is therefore the need to provide measures to catch up and improve education, particularly in the rural areas where maybe as many as one in four children do not even attend school and there is also the risk that some children will not return to school the longer the lockdown goes on.

We note that there has been a considerable increase in laptop sales during the Lockdown so that pupils can have online lessons but very few pupils can afford the cost of a laptop and even fewer have any form of reliable internet supply.

So, The Trust hopes that schools can reopen as soon as possible and that measures will be put in place to enable pupils to catch up on their missed education, but of course this will depend on extra government funding. We hope that the government will give reopening of schools and provision of funds for catch up education a top priority. 

We have been doing all we can to help and encourage pupils to continue learning in Nalang where we are based, and we hope that other communities have been doing the same.

The Looma English teaching program that John Yearley donated right from the beginning of our support in Nalang has been proved to be very helpful during the lockdown 

The Yearley Trust has some plans to help in a much bigger way through a larger range of communities in Nepal! We are now preparing a free English teaching program for teachers together with Ical Al to start as soon as safe and we will be announcing the plans shortly

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