Volleyball4Life Official Partnership

The Trust is proud to announce our cooperation with the international organisation Volleyball4Life 

Volleyball4Life, like us, believes that sport can make girls feel more confident and independent and that is good to try new things and not be frightened in making mistakes.

The traditional background of most girls in Nepal means that it is not natural to speak out in public and to share opinions and to be part of decision-making processes.

The Trust practices what it preaches with six of it’s eight team members in Nepal being women

Whilst based in Nalang, the Trust is planning to expand its activities to other rural communities in Nepal and the Trust’s Sports Program Officer Kopila Uprety will be starting to visit various rural schools in Nepal as soon as the lockdown is fully over, as part of our Women empowerment program. You can read more about it on our website: https://theyearleytrust.org/about/women-empowerment/ 

Any schools interested in a  visit and training from Kopila should message our Chairman John Yearley or write on info@theyearleytrust.org