Celebrating Teacher’s day in Nalang, Nepal

Sunday was Teacher’s day in Nepal and the day of Guru Poornuma. In Nepal it is a big day in schools, and students honour their teachers by offering garlands and special hats and delicacies and activities to show their appreciation of their teachers.🌅

Unfortunately, due to Covid 19, the only celebrations this year have been online ones but at The Yearley Trust we honour and thank all teachers throughout Nepal and especially those working hard in community schools in rural areas.
Special thanks go to those teachers who, when they have the facilities, give online lessons and those, like the teachers at the Nalang Model Academy, who organise quizzes and other ways of keeping the pupils happy during lockdown.
In case anyone is worried about social distancing of the pupils etc in the photos, they are all part of a closed community that has self- isolated itself.
The Trust has plans to provide assistance to help teachers and improve education in rural areas in 2021 and we will publish them very soon!
To all teachers, we honour you as the education, and therefore the future, of the youth in Nepal is in your hands. 🇳🇵
Learn more about our exciting news coming official soon!