Olympic winner Santoshi Shrestha’s work for the trust

« Now, I am doing my Master’s Degree in Public Administration and also preparing for Master’s Degree in Public Health. I am also working as a sports program officer where I train and empower girls of Nalang, Dhading through sports.

I want to set an example for upcoming generation that we can balance both study and sports together. And we must not bind ourselves in anything small. » 

Santoshi Shrestha

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🏆🏃🏽‍♀️The Yearley Trust is very proud that Nepali sporting legends Kopila Upreti and Santoshi Shrestha work as Sports Development Officers for the Trust and have special responsibility to empower girls through sport.

🥇Recently Santoshi gave a press interview during which she stressed the need to follow your desires and also the ability to successfully combine education with things like sport and how sport has brought her empowerment.

« They believed that a girl shouldn’t walk so fast. It was one of those proverbs that were implied solely on women for stupidest reasons one could find in the planet. But my grandmother, contrary to those existing conservative ideas, always told me to walk how I wanted to. »

Follow us and our work with Santoshi Shrestha for empowering young women and girls in Nepal