Medical care in Nepal during Covid – 19


Covid-19 has been causing major problems all over the world and in Nepal incidences of the virus and deaths are increasing rapidly. 

Thе real problems in Nalang and other rural communities is because of the virus and lockdown many people who should be receiving treatment in hospital are having to be treated in the community.

This is putting extra stress on the Yearley Trust Medical Centre and our Medical Director, Shankar Silwal in particular. He is working day and night to look after the health of the community and on occasions even has to carry elderly and infirm patients on his back along wet slippery tracks, often in the dark, to carry them to and from the Centre to give them treatment that he could not do at their home.
The Trust is very proud of what we are doing to improve the health of the community and that the Medical Centre that we donated to the community, and all the medicines and equipment that we are providing, are proving so valuable, and thank our Medical Director Shankar Silwal for the outstanding work that he is doing to protect the health of the community.🙏
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