School Renovations in Nalang Model Academy, Nepal

Everyone is in Nalang community is working very hard to make the NMA ready to welcome back their pupils as soon as it is safe for them. Many members of the community have been back for months and the whole area has been isolating together and keeping safe from the virus

Although the SEE exams in Nepal have at long last been cancelled there is still no sign of any dates for the return of the schools and the important Year 12 exams have been delayed causing extra stress for pupils due to take them.
However, that does not mean that the Trust and the community in Nalang have been doing nothing for the school!!! Having extra work force stuck in the area, only means more projects for the strong people in Nepal!
The Yearley Trust has financed a complete makeover of the school
– with the outside and inside of all buildings being painted (including all 18 classrooms, multipurpose room, science lab and doctors office previously donated by us)
– and new desks and whiteboards in all classrooms.
– a metal roof has been replaced with a flat concrete one and as soon as the concrete has hardened sufficiently railings will be put all around so that it can be used as an outdoor classroom and also an area for pupils to eat their packed lunches.
We are looking forward to the brave students from Nalang being able to go back to school !
And whilst we will keep the final project as a surprise, here are some pictures from the developments happening for the last couple of months 💛
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