Helping farmers during economy hardship and COVID-19

The coronavirus has been producing health and economic devastation throughout the world and in particular in third world countries. 

The lockdown in Nepal had meant closure of all schools and cessation of all business. In a country like Nepal where the vast majority of the population are living at, or below, the poverty line the economic impacts are particularly devastating. 

In rural areas the vast majority of the population are subsistence farmers, and not only do they rely on their farming to produce an income but also food for their families and whole community.
The Yearley Trust is helping to support farmers in the community of Nalang to be prepared to resume full farming production as soon as it is practical to ensure an adequate food supply and to prevent hunger.
800 subsistence farmers in Nalang, Nepal have benefitted from an interest free loan from The Yearley Trust to buy fertiliser. 

At this time of lockdown in Nepal it is essential that food production, that the subsistence farmers rely on, is optimised. 

The loan has enabled the Trust’s Director Shankar Silwal to organise a bulk purchase direct from the major suppliers and so cut out the middlemen and enable the farmers to get their fertiliser at a lower price. Particularly important in these difficult times.
Due to the bad condition of the roads after the recent heavy rain the big lorry could not get all the way to Nalang, so the fertiliser had to be unloaded onto smaller lorries.

The Chairman of the Trust, John Yearley has also, though the Trust, been donating money to provide extra medical supplies for Shankar Silwal to be able to treat the community at Nalang. The hospitals are still not accepting any medical emergencies and he is trying his best to help the 11000 community by himself.

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