Volunteer as a teacher online to support the education in rural Nepal

The Yearley Trust’s Education Advisor Elisha KC brought our attention to the SEE exams in Nepal that have now been postponed until after the outbreak.


We decided to send this pledge to all teachers in Nepal reading this post can share it with their colleagues and pupils. 

Also, the Trust appeals to all international teachers. We understand the times are hard and really appreciate the extra work all teachers do around the world 🙏 but if you find it in your heart to stretch one more hand to a the curious student minds in Nepal (Nalang Model Academy) it will go a long way 💪🏻☀️

The main language for education in Nepal is English so if there are any teachers or trainee teachers who would like to help pupils and/or to build up a relationship with schools in one of the poorest, but most friendly, countries in the world could they please contact The Yearley Trust at info@theyearleytrust.org and we will pass the information on. 

SEE Exams are the normal school leaving exams in Nepal for pupils aged 16.

Also, if any teachers would like some time after the current crisis is over to volunteer to help in Nepal, we would be very happy to hear from you and help you organize your adventure there 

(You can find the original post about the situation with Nepal SEE exams in comments)

Kindly share our pledge to reach more teachers 

Lots of light and keep safe 

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