The community staying strong during COVID-19 lockdown

In these trying times it is marvelous to see that the first of the glasses, donated by The Yearley Trust for students in Nalang resulting from the welfare and eye testing programme, organised by the Trust, have arrived. 🙏☀️

The joy on this girl’s face at being able to see clearly for the first time makes the work of the Trust worthwhile.🥰🦋🌍

Meanwhile, to assist the community in Nalang, the Trust is sending money to buy vital medicines and supplies to help protect the community from the effects of Covid-19.

You will have seen in our post of March 9th that Covid-19 is already affecting our plans. We were glad that before we had to cancel the welfare clinic the team that the medical volunteers managed to give vision, hearing, and dental checks to 1,185 adults and children and give free reading glasses to all those who needed them.

Our Director in Nepal for medical affairs, Shankar Silwal, has been very busy ensuring that the community at Nalang is well informed about precautions against the virus. As the Nalang Model Academy is closed he has set the school up to be an isolation centre and particularly for people returning from Kathmandu where social distancing etc is more difficult and the likelihood of catching the virus is much higher.
Our Chairman, John Yearley, who is at high risk from the virus because of his age and underlying health issues, is in self isolation and confined to his home in England for probably at least 12 weeks.
The Trust begs everyone to take care and precautions against the virus. Remember that if using hand sanitisers only those which are alcohol based with at least 60% alcohol are effective against Covid-19 but the best protection of all is to regularly wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds a time (the time it takes to sing Happy Birthday twice) and to keep at least 6 ft from other people and to self-isolate immediately if you or any of your contacts have any signs of raised temperature.
Also please be cautious with the elderly members of your community- even though the virus can be easy for you to fight with, for many of them it can be fatal.
Remember, take precautions and be safe and help beat the virus

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