Community Welfare Clinics in Nalang 2020-2023

There was a 2 days school screening for vision problems at Nalang Model Academy and one more school in the district organized by the Trust’s Medical Director Shankar Silwal and staffed by the Trust’s Administration Director Rojina Silwal and Young Persons Officer Sujana Silwal, with assistance from teachers and community members, the children were screened for eye and vision problems including for colour blindness and any problems found referred on for further treatment, including the provision of glasses.
The Trust would like to thank everyone involved in helping with this valuable screening program for the children of both schools.

Whilst risks from coronavirus to the elderly, and also Nepal Government advice, caused The Yearley Trust to reluctantly postpone its free health clinic due on March 10th to 12th it did not however prevent the screening of school children in Nalang for any vision problems.

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