Another medal in honor of our chairman John Yearley

«I want to dedicate that medal to John Yearley and wish him a happy birthday! With much gratitude for your support. I am a proud representative of the Yearley Trust and my wish is to help their cause for empowering women in sports »

This is what to champion said right after her win yesterday !

Congratulations to Santoshi Shrestha for winning the prestigious Dahan 10k road race -her first race since starting to work for The Yearley Trust on February 1st. With the win she cemented her place as the leading woman athlete in Nepal 💪🏻🙍🏽‍♀️🏆🥇

Santoshi is working for the Yearley Trust to help empower women through sport

The celebrations in Nalang and all over Nepal has been going on for the whole week with many activities (marathons, festivals, songs and games) joy and love for John 

Happy birthday John ! There is no more respected and loved man than you ! 

We are very proud to be a part of your great adventure and your pure big heart ❤️ Thank you and have a wonderful day and many more years of health and strength to visit our new family until you are 105!!( you promised !)

Much love from Nepal, Bulgaria and England

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