Medical campaigns all through rural Nepal 2020-2023

The Yearley Trust is very proud to announce the first of what we hope will be a Three year program of Medical camps providing medical help every year to 4 different rural communities that have no local access to such facilities. 

Each camp will treat hundreds of people for major potentially life threatening illness as well as providing nutritional information to women of child bearing age to help prevent the problem of stunted growth in children, which is a very common problem in rural Nepal where around 50% of children under the age of 5 suffer from it.
Dental care will also be provided.
The first of these medical camps will take the form of an eye clinic to be held at Nalang between March 10th to March 12th.
It is expected that around 800 people will be screened and treated for eye problems including provision of reading glasses where needed. Most importantly however it is anticipated that around 150 people will be given sight saving cataract operations. Cataracts are the largest cause of blindness in Nepal.
There will be patients from near villages who are going to be welcomed and accommodated in the hostel we built last year for free and has 56 sleeping places.
Trustee Doriana Dimitrova said that the medical camps are part of the Trust’s plans to help improve the quality of life in rural Nepal and, of course, are entirely free to all those being treated.
If you wish to take part as a volunteer or support the Medical campaign in Nepal 2020-2023 kindly contact us at

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