Remarkable day for the education in Nepal

Today 30th of Jan, Nalang Model Academy celebrtes the festival of Shree Panchami and a special education day. Saraswati is the four armed Hindu Goddess who rides on a white swan and is the goddess of learning. It is also a day when Buddhists celebrate and worship the Lord Manjushree.

Today was special day for enrolling at schools for education and the Nalang Model Academy believes in making the day fun for the 260 pupils in total who enrolled on the 30th to give them a happy start to their education year. It is as well the festival of Basanta Panchami, the day of starting the spring well, where some spring seasonal festivities are performed by the community.

It is believed that if children register for education today they will achieve high education results and the Trust is sure that they will get an excellent education at the Nalang Model Academy.

The Yearley Trust is proud of all the support it has given to the school to help make things better for pupils and especially recently the provision of toughened glass windows to all the school buildings to make the classrooms warmer during the cold weather and also avoiding pupils having to be sent home when it would otherwise be too cold to study. This winter proved to be more successful for keeping the students in!!

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