New celebrity member of our Team!

The Yearley Trust is very proud to announce that the 10,000m gold medal winner at the South Asia Games, Santoshi Shrestha is joining The Yearley Trust on February 1st. The Trust hopes that Santoshi can inspire girls throughout rural Nepal and show that it is possible to combine a job, sport and study at the same time. She has a degree in public health and used to work for an NGO before giving her job up to prepare for the South Asia Games. Now she is combining working for the Trust with her training whilst studying for master’s degrees in public health and also in public administration. Santoshi originally lived with her family in Sunkhani which part of the Jwalamukhi rural municipality, and is near Nalang, before having to move to Kathmandu to continue her studies. She still returns regularly to Sunkhani.

John Yearley, Chairman of the Trust, who himself coached several members of the Great Britain athletics team, said that he knows the hard work that it has taken Santoshi to achieve her success to date in spite of all the handicaps and is impressed with her desire to inspire girls, particularly from rural areas, that they can balance sport, work, and study and as she said “If we have will power and passion we will get the dream in reality”.

He also said that the Trust fully supports her efforts to qualify for the Tokio Olympics and that her work schedules will be arranged around her training, giving her as much time to train as and when she needs. She will be a credit to her country at Tokio and help to raise the international profile of Nepali athletics. She is also an example of what can be achieved and a very valuable new member of the team at The Trust

The Trust would also like to congratulate her coach Raghu Onta whose work has helped Santoshi to achieve her success to date and hopefully will help her qualify for Tokio. It is hoped that as athletics grows in Nepal there will be more support for athletes and their coaches who are essential to an athlete’s success.

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