Trust’s donation towards re-building Nalang!

The year at Nalang ends with exciting new developments for the next 2020 year. 

The first of these is the new Interlocking Stabilised Earth Block making machine bought by The Yearley Trust for use by the community in Nalang to make blocks to repair or build houses. 

The blocks are stronger than conventional bricks and, as their main ingredient is soil, they are also cheaper and of course much more environmentally friendly. 

The fact that they are interlocking also means that they are quicker to build with and it is easy to build earthquake resistant walls with them.
The Trust also hopes that manufacturing these blocks will be the basis of a business that can provide some employment and whose profits will be given to The Nalang Model Academy to support their work in educating the community.
Some members of the community are shown learning how to use the machine at the manufacturer before taking it to Nalang where work on producing the blocks for the first house in the community will start now! Jhamka Silwal who will be the first person to build a new house with the blocks is seen examining the machine when it arrived at Nalang.
The Yearley Trust is proud to be able to help the community to build new low-cost houses to replace those so badly damaged in the earthquake of 2015.
It will only take around 4 to 5 days to make enough blocks for a new two storey house. Building costs will be considerably lower (around 40% to 50%) than conventional brick built buildings.

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