A very special letter arrived in England from Nalang,Nepal

The Trustees are all back from Nepal `and reflecting on the great time they had in Nalang. 

John Yearley, Chairman of the Trust, was delighted to receive this letter today from the community in Nalang.

The Yearley Trust is proud of what it has achieved in the last 12 months including a 56 bed hostel with its own toilet/shower block, a new toilet block for the school with special provisions for girls, a 400,000 litre concrete water tank, a new school kitchen, glazed windows for all the school buildings, a new science lab for the school, a medical centre of the community and a new large multipurpose room for use by the school and the community.
However, none of this would have been possible without all the hard work by members of the community without whose efforts none of this would have happened.
The Yearley Trust thanks the community for all their hard work and is very happy to be able to continue helping this remarkable community.
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Thank you for your support for the last year and many more to come.