Celebrations and more hard work in Nalang

We wish everyone a very happy Dashain. We hope that you have great family reunions

and exchanges of gifts and blessings, together with great feasting. 

We are sorry that we are missing celebrating Dashain with our friends in Nepal (we are celebrating it in spirit) but, GOOD NEWS, we will be there in time to celebrate Tihar with all our friends in Nalang. We are also looking forward to seeing all the new building work at the school that The Yearley Trust has funded and to announce some exciting plans for our future work in Nepal.

Our founder John Yearley will be accompanied by his fellow Trustees Doriana Dimitrova Warren and Tsvetelina Georgieva.

We will be in Nalang from October 20th to October 29th.and we are all looking forward to enjoying all the cultural events of Tihar and also being again with all our many friends and the wonderful people of Nepal.