Children’s day and finish works on the water reservoir in Nalang


The Yearley Trust was very happy to see the children of the Nalang Model Academy celebrating Children’s day.

As one of the posters says “Today’s children are tomorrows nation builders”

Now that the roof of the reservoir has been finished nearly all the construction work funded by The Yearley Trust at the Nalang Model Academy for this year has been completed the Trustees are looking forward for the roof being used for Yoga and similar classes and, with its breath taking views, as a place for volunteers staying at the hostel to have their breakfast.

The Trustees are particularly looking forward to having their breakfast there in October, when they come to the NMA to view all the work that the Trust has funded this year and, more importantly, to meet all their friends in Nalang.

Work on a header tank on the toilet/shower block for the hostel has started and has given the workers a chance to show their latest fashion trends. Rumours are that the Paris fashion houses are interested in copying the designs 

Now all that is left for work funded by the Trust for this year is for the contractors to install 54 new glazed windows at the school and hostel (next week we will have a final update about the kitchen for volunteers and the multipurpose room )