Shankar Silwal the Trust’s representative in Nalang, collecting from Kathmandu Airport some of the 51 kg of science text books sent by The Yearley Trust for the Nalang Model Academy

There are also some of the first 60 books just purchased for the school library. It is the Trust’s aim to build up the library to over 300 books ranging from serious reference books to reading books suitable for all ages, particularly ones that will help in reading English.

The Trust is also starting to collect DVDs of films and TV programmes which will help with listening to, and understanding, English.
Besides the work we are doing in providing buildings, encouraging sustainability, looking at how best we can improve agriculture, and supporting medical services, we firmly believe that education is the best way to improve the lives of the community and are impressed with the academic potential of the pupils at Nalang and are following with particular interest the progress of some of the very talented year 11 and 12 pupils which reflect well on the work of their teachers. We are looking forward to hosting two of the talented new science students in England in January.