Santoshi Testemonials

Santoshi Shrestha

Sport Program Officer, The Yearley Trust

“Achievement isn’t only the success”

Santoshi is First International Gold Medalist Women Athlete of Nepal in Athletics. She is Public Health Graduate. She is currently studying two different masters degrees, while training for numerous competitions

”As I know if there is a want there is a way. I still remember the things and all those initial stage of those days when I didn’t have any idea about the life, career, aim, destination and many more, including running. Just I knew that I should do study, household chores and should be a good girl with good habits, these were known from my guardian, relatives and from my teachers. But didn’t know about that there are lots of things which we should know and we will know infinite things in life. The village’s girl was living in city for higher study by missing family and facing lots of problem. Although I was small girl, I was very busy and don’t have much time for extra things and yes no time for running too. Sometimes my mind was disturbed by homesickness also and stress of other things obviously hit me. I controlled all the sorrow by doing the work and study.

Slowly, there was assemble the desire of running inside me, unknowingly I was attracted and attached in it. In starting phase I never did running/jogging in daylight and in the place where people used to walk or people are available; the reason behind this habit are I felt shy, embarrassment to run in front of the people, our society also don’t think girls should do sports activities, the conventional thought of our society also make me little afraid and shy to run freely, so I used to run very early morning before the sun rise and late evening after the sunset in the darkness with shining hope and bright dream of my life.

Yes this is true If I didn’t felt shy, If I want to run after sun rise and before sunset then also I didn’t have time in between because that time was my school time and work time such as cooking, washing, water carrying, farming, studying etc. The situation of that time was different and difficult due to the absent of parents with us as well as the reason of low economic status. But we (My two brothers and me) always try to change the threat into strength, challenge into opportunity and solve the problem by compromising and filled the joy in each other face.

Now, situation is different than those days and I am living this life as output of those days. When I review those days I felt I am adult now but I was more matured in those child and teenage time. I had dream but little afraid myself, I knew that education is most important to improve and empower own self and for the better life. I always take my education in first priority so I did compromise to do the professional running for my education.

I do the things by prioritizing and my first priority was education. Sports and other works are in second priority but I never left and skip study for sports and sports for study. Most of the known people suggested me that, to left one then I will be better in one field if I do study, sports and other work parallelly then I can’t balance these all, would be most difficult. When I listened these, sometimes I felt down too but suddenly I took it positively and memorizing the words which was told by ideal people of my life. Thought that if it is difficult and it makes more trouble then, I should try it so I can able to experience it, in my life then I shouldn’t be regret by not trying. If I can do balance in both field I can set the example for those who are really want to uplift themselves in different field and live the life differently as well who are afraid to take decision and to move on their way. If I can’t balance then I can say with me at least I try and there won’t be feeling of regret and it gives me satisfaction. In my opinion satisfaction couldn’t be lower than achievement.

With more question, with little fear, with little confusion, with little confident and with more believe I had decided to take risk to continue my study, sports and job. Repeatedly the obstacle comes and repeatedly I felt down and many times I also thought I should stop to do these all, I am not capable, this is impossible but… again that desire to do something, dreams to set the example, aspiration to be the inspiration didn’t let me go away and impose me to be clam, enforce me to fight with all the impediment to continue up to the destination where I want to reach. I can be the inspiration to all my sisters to entire human being who are from middle class, who are facing problem, who have more doubt and less hope, who are poor in economy and rich in dream and diligent.

Achievement isn’t only the results or success; the way of living in life is also achievement. Now, with all the despised and sweetest memory of challenges- opportunity, fear-confident, confusion- trust and impossibility-possibility I am here as I am, which was my dream to be this real I am.

Now, I am on the way with more confident but still I have to measure long way by giving my best to reach in another step of destination of my life.”