Professional Volleyball Training in Nalang Model Academy, Nepal

The Yearley Trust would like to thank the Netherlands Men’s Volleyball Team Manager @Peter van Tarel and Nepali women’s volleyball Legend Kopila Upreti for accepting Shankar Silwal, the Trust’s Director in Nepal’s invitation to come to the Nalang Model Academy (NMA) and hold coaching courses. Peter came with his family and of course Kopila and everyone stayed at the Hostel that was donated by the Trust.

Besides pupils from the NMA pupils from Khaite, Kalika Devi, and Prakash Mabi schools also came. Some of them walking for several hours to get there. They were also provided with food and accommodation at the hostel. Some of the girls enjoyed posing in front of the mural that had been painted on the hostel wall by Yearley Trust Trustee Doriana Dimitrova.
The Trust hopes that this is just the first of many such sports courses at the NMA. Certainly, all the pupils on the course have been really enjoying it. and are now also better, and even more enthusiastic, volleyball players