New project started – multipurpose room and doctors office!First ever in Nalang!

The plywood shuttering is in place, the aggregrate for the concrete unloaded, and Ram Silwal, Chairperson of the school management committee has chaired the final planning meeting, so the final work to complete the concrete roof of the second floor is about to be completed.

All the furniture for the new medical centre and also the new multipurpose room, has also been ordered and both rooms will be in use sometime in the next few weeks.

All the teachers and pupils are very excited to start using the multipurpose room and the whole community at Nalang is welcoming their first ever medical centre, and also, to be able to start using the multipurpose room for community events when it is not needed by the school.
The Yearley Trust is very happy to be able, with the building of the second floor, to greatly improve the medical support and social facilities for the community, as well as providing the multipurpose room that will provide educational opportunities for teachers and pupils and the chance to enjoy some indoor such as gymnastics, dance, and martial arts etc.