The Lab equipment donated from The Yearley Trust just arrived at NMA

Happy days in Nalang Model Academy, Nepal!

The Trust’s chairman John Yearley studied science at school so he realises the importance of having a good science lab to be able to study well. He is therefore delighted to have donated, through the Yearley Trust, a new science lab to the Nalang Model Academy.

The lab is enabling pupils who want to be able to study science at years 11 and 12 to be able to do so at Nalang whereas previously they had to go to live to Kathmandu to study at that level, and it is encouraging that approximately as many girls as boys are studying science at the NMA.
The equipment has been enthusiastically received by the pupils who have assisted in unpacking everything.
The provision of the new Laboratory is just part of the Yearley Trust’s commitment to improving the level of education and quality of life in rural Nepal.