Students from the Nalang Model Academy learning and helping with the construction of the reservoir

The community at Nalang has been working very hard, and after the hard work of constructing all the steel reinforcement, the even harder work of concreting the sides of the reservoir is going very well. Hopefully, weather permitting the sides will be finished soon and the final stage (building the roof) will start. 

Both the Nalang Model Academy and The Yearley Trust believe that science teaching should ,where possible, be practically based so it is good to see students involved in measuring and calculating things like reservoir capacity before the main work starts. 

The community have been working very hard installing the steel reinforcement for the floor and walls of the reservoir which, after the disastrous earthquake in 2015, has to be earthquake proof.
There is still more work needed to complete the reinforcement but it will not now be long before the first concrete is laid and that the reservoir will really be taking shape. Everyone is working very hard to complete the project before the start of the monsoon rains.
The reservoir is just one part of the plan by The Yearley Trust to improve the life and education in rural Nepal.